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Four simple steps to get going:
  1. Sign an online contract with VRA to use our products and services.
  2. Build your rentals.
    • No fee to build your rentals and use the FREE software tools
  3. Market your rentals.
    • Choose to post your rentals on and have qualified Agents process traveler inquiries and book your rentals for a fee. No upfront costs!
    • Choose to post your rentals on and process your own inquiries for free. No hidden costs!
  4. Book your rentals.
    • Choose to have Vacation Rental Agents book your rentals for a fee, at a rate set by you. You only pay for results!
    • Decide to use VRA technology to book your rental on your own with no cost to use the service!
More features than any other vacation rental software:
  • FREE software tools to help you manage your vacation rentals
    • Cutting edge online calendar system
    • Property Management reporting
    • Revenue reporting
    • Send your guests an online Itinerary form, Directions and Entry Instructions, Reviews.
  • Optional fee-based booking service. No upfront fees. You only pay for results!
    • Expert vacation rental agents work 365 days a year, 18 hours a day to book Travelers into your rental
      • 95% of inbound calls are answered by a live agent.
      • All online inquiries are responded to within 60 minutes of receipt.
      • Agents work from home, within the areas they sell, to provide expert local knowledge to Travelers.
      • VRA technology distributes inquiries intelligently based on Sales Agent's past sales performance and work schedule.
      • Agents trained to screen Travelers for common problems.
      • Blacklist to avoid fraud and problematic Travelers.
    • Direct Booking Program
      • You keep calendar and rates up to date, one year into the future
      • Enjoys 3x as many bookings as non Directly Booked rentals
    • Booking Fees set by you
      • We recommend you start at 25%.
      • You can vary the fee by date.
      • You can use our Revenue Maximizer tool to drive last minute revenues.
      • Once a list of rentals are identified that match the Travelers needs, those rentals are offered to Travelers based on the booking fee you offer VRA.
    • Rate per night and required length of stay set by you.
      • You can vary the rate by date and or length of stay.
      • You can vary the required length of stay by date too.
    • Traveler payment terms set by you
      • We recommend a 30% deposit and balance due 60 days prior to arrival.
      • You can set the required deposit and balance due days to fit your needs.
    • Modify photos, features, amenities etc on the fly
    • Cutting edge technology to support the sales process
      • Online contract generation and signature
      • Online payment
      • Automated itinerary collection
      • Automated Direction and Entry instruction dissemination
      • Automated Traveler Review and Feedback collection
    • Most bookings include at least $3,000 in Accident Damage Protection.
    • Every Traveler is offered Travel Insurance to protect their booking.
  • Vacation rental marketing
    • Post your rentals on top of search results and our Vacation Rental Agents will process the inquiries from your listings and book your rental for a fee (at a rate set by you!)
      • Directly booked rentals can optionally be booked online.
    • Alternatively, you may post your rentals lower on search results and you process the inquiries.
    • Marketing on partner sites such as,, and is also possible with Vacation Rental Agents automatically processing these inquiries for you.
    • You can embed Videos and Virtual Tours into your listing
      • VRA is compatible with In1Spot Virtual Tours and Floorplan technology as well as youtube video files.
    • Monthly Newsletters to Traveler Database
    • 3rd party marketing placement
      • If you have a rental on another website we can seamlessly take over processing those inquiries for you.
        • Real-time data-feeds with:
        • Inquire about VRA paying for third party marketing for you to increase your rentals marketing reach.
          • If Vendor changes their mind about placement they must refund VRA the cost of the third-party marketing.
        • A rental can only be listed on a 3rd party site by one entity.
  • Generate online contracts and accept online payments
    • 4% fee paid by the traveler when they confirm
    • VRA electronically transfers payment to your account when Traveler checks out.
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We provide marketing services and act solely as an intermediary between Property Managers and Travelers. We are not a real estate broker, lender or seller. We do not, under any circumstances, for compensation or valuable consideration, sell or offer to sell, buy or offer to buy, or negotiate the purchase or sale or exchange of real estate, or list, or solicit for prospective purchasers, or lease or offer to lease, or rent of offer to rent, or manage or offer to manage, any real estate or options on any of the rentals posted on this site.