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About Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Costa Rica vacation rentals offer more than a simple getaway; they offer breathtaking views and a vast amount of activities -- not to mention its rich cultural history and the hospitality of its citizens. Costa Rica has a democratic government and is without a military; therefore, they focus primarily on peace and ways to increase their overall standard of living.

It has a European influence and its streets are lined with traditional architecture. While the official language is Spanish, many people can speak English and love to converse with guests.

The Northern parts of Costa Rica are filled many exotic bird species, which makes it a fabulous place for bird watching. Arnel Volcano is also located here and can be seen spewing ash and smoke into the sky; after sunset, you are able to see red lava from its mile high peak. The central valley is home to San Jose, the capital of Costa Roca -- here you’ll find historical museums and Catedral de Alajuela, a wondrous cathedral built in 1854.

The southern region contains hundreds of native bird and amphibian species, including thick flora that cannot be found in any other part of the country. Here, you will find Corcovado National Park where you can mingle with nature. Its beaches are mostly desolate and the large waves make it the perfect surfing spot.

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