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About Utah Vacation Rentals

Utah is known for having numerous attractions, making our Utah vacation rentals increasingly sought after. While many travelers do not realize it, Utah has more National Parks than any other state.

Some of the most popular and widely-visited parks in Utah are Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. The majority of these attractions are located between central and southern Utah, so look for Utah vacation rentals in that area if you want to take a National Park tour.

Of course, besides the sightseeing, hiking and camping that National Parks offer, Utah is a well-respected venue for world-class skiing. Many Utah resorts were upgraded for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games that the state hosted, so attractions like luge and ice skating can be found in easy travel distance of the city.

Cultural attractions are also a huge draw for visitors in the area. Salt Lake has an attractive and affordable zoo, as well as many pioneer-era homes. Travel south to Cedar City, known as "Festival City," and the summer months offer award-winning Shakespearean theater, plus the nearby Tuacahn Amphitheater which performs more contemporary plays.

Utah, surprisingly, has also made many appearances on the big screen as well. Monument Valley is a particular favorite with directors; dozens of old westerns, including those starring John Wayne, were filmed in the area, as well as contemporary films like Thelma and Louise. There is plenty for Utah visitors to experience.

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